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  • Ability Fest
    ABILITY FEST is an event organised by The Dylan Alcott Foundation & Untitled Group that aims to use music as a platform to normalise disability. This event will be Auslan Interpreted.
    • 08 March, 2018
    New technology in hearing aids
    Audiologist Bridget Andritsos has brought patients to tears, although not due to sadness. Rather, tears of joy emerge, she says, recalling a woman who freely wept when she heard a favourite piece of classical music courtesy of a new hearing aid.
    • 07 March, 2018
    Midsumma Festival
    Midsumma Carnival provided a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate the unique and vibrant LGBTQIA+ community. Vicdeaf’s employment department, SensWide Employment has participated in the iconic carnival day since 2013.
    • 07 March, 2018
    #DeafShare Workshops
    Vicdeaf will be providing exciting new workshops at Preston Hub in March and April! The workshop series called “Deaf Share” is aimed at Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who reside in the Darebin area.
  • Vicdeaf Board Update
    Brent Phillips provides the community with an update from the Vicdeaf Board.