Deaf Centre Updates


Community Update: Deaf Centre and Community consultation

Vicdeaf and Deaf Children Australia (DCA) would like to share more detailed information for anyone interested in attending the community consultations about the Deaf Centre.

Brent Phillips (Vicdeaf) and Paula Thornton (DCA) appear in this captioned Auslan video which provides background information and asks a number of questions for consideration ahead of the sessions. The first consultation events are coming up soon on 4 June and 6 June. 

The first session from 1 – 4pm on Saturday 4 June will be held at the FJ Rose Auditorium, Deaf Children Australia, 597 St Kilda Rd Melbourne. Parking is available in DCA’s car park off High St.

Please RSVP and email any questions you want addressed at the consultation to:

The second session from 7 – 9pm on Monday 6 June will be livestreamed by Vicdeaf and will seek feedback from those who live in regional areas as well. Please email your RSVP and any questions you have to

We will have a separate session in July especially for young people 14 to 23 years of age, and another session in August or September for those people who are representing organisations in the Deaf sector.

We want people to come to the session that’s right for them and let us know what programs, activities and services you want in a Deaf Centre. Please get involved!



Community Update: Co-location of Vicdeaf and Deaf Children Australia - May 2016

Vicdeaf and Deaf Children Australia (DCA) would like to share an update about our
co-location and the work we have done to date. Brent Phillips (Vicdeaf) and
Dean Barton-Smith (DCA) tell you more and ask for your input at upcoming community
consultations about what you think a Deaf Centre should include.
Watch the captioned Auslan video for more information.

Vicdeaf  DCA Property Update March 2016

Vicdeaf and Deaf Children Australia (DCA) would like to share the Deaf Centre
research report, along with Brent Phillips' interview with one of the researchers,
Gabrielle Hodge. Gabrielle explains the consideration of different models of
Deaf Centres  around the world to enable us to develop a model here in Victoria that
would better serve the needs of our Deaf community, along with deaf and
hard of hearing adults and children, young people and their families. 


Read the report here. 

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