Our clients and our community
live in an accessible, inclusive society
with equal opportunity in all areas of life.


We are a progressive, iconic community organisation that:
· Builds pride in being Deaf
· Improves social, economic, cultural and civic participation
· Supports people to communicate and connect with the world
· Advocates and promotes the aspirations of those we service

Established in 1884, the Victorian Deaf Society provides information, programs and education to over 16,000 deaf and hard of hearing adults each year through its diverse range of services across Victoria.

Vicdeaf’s network of services is backed by a committed team of staff and volunteers providing responsive and accessible supports, services, information, programs and education across the following areas:
· Audiological support, rehabilitation and devices;

· Disability Employment Services (contracted employment services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, LGBTI with a disability or who have other disabilities);

· Individual and group supports; and supported accommodation;

· Auslan (Australian Sign Language) classes;

· Auslan interpreters, note taking, captioning and video translations;

· Public awareness and education programs); and

· Community engagement.

Vicdeaf is a not for Profit Organisation and works collaboratively with a variety of mental health, legal and employment providers, support agencies, education and government departments with the aim to achieve access and equity for Deaf and hard of hearing people in Victoria.

Part of our work at Vicdeaf includes providing information, resources and workshops to the wider community about Deaf and hard of hearing people and the day-to-day challenges they face.

* Used with a lower case “d”, the term “deaf” includes all who are hard of hearing, hearing impaired or signing deaf.

Please Contact Us if you would like further information about Vicdeaf services.

Vicdeaf Constitution

Vicdeaf is an independent Not for Profit Organisation and is registered as a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporate Act 2001.

The Vicdeaf Constitution was revised most recently at the October 2011 Annual General Meeting and outlines the governance and operations of the organisation in areas such as:

  • Objects
  • Membership
  • Board Directors and Officers

For more details please download the PDF file.

Vicdeaf Constitution - revised 2014 PDF Icon Download PDF

About the Vicdeaf Logo

The current Vicdeaf logo was launched in the November 1998 issue of "The Victorian Deaf Society News". The logo represents the dynamic elements of various groups involved with the Victorian Deaf Society including, the Board, staff and deaf and hard of hearing people.

The logo was created in order to focus on the future whilst at the same time drawing on the geography and history of the Victorian Deaf Society.

The logo has three major components which form the distinctive shape. The colour reflects the recognition by many thousands of hearing people in the Victorian Deaf Society's place in the promotion of the recognition and learning of Auslan. This has been the colour of our A-Z fingerspelling cards handed out to school children and adults for over 28 years.

The name "Vicdeaf" is also well recognised and has been used all over Victoria as a way of getting around some of the longer, more formal names we have had over our long history.

The oval represents a conceptualised map of Victoria - the oval also reminds us of our responsibility to all deaf and hard of hearing people in Victoria and our community.

The person is a conceptualised image of our people who make up all parts of the Victorian Deaf Society. The outstretched arms define part of our nature which is welcoming, caring and supportive.

The (I) also represents our gaslight, constantly lit, lighting the way visually.

How to access the Vicdeaf logo

If you intend to use the Vicdeaf logo (or any branding under the Vicdeaf umbrella*) on any promotion material, you must get written approval from a Vicdeaf representative. 

You can obtain this by emailing a request to

It is important to cover the following points in your request:

  • Which logo(s) you require;
  • Your intended use of the logo(s);
  • Its relation to Vicdeaf (why is it relevant to use the Vicdeaf branding);
  • What format you require (PDF, EPS, JPEG, PNG);
  • If you have had prior contact with a member of staff about logo usage;
  • Your contact details; and
  • A sample of the artwork/where you intend to use the branding.

Vicdeaf has the right to request to view the intended location of our branding prior to giving approval for use. If permission to view the artwork is denied, this will have a negative impact on our decision to grant permission to use the logo. We are at liberty to suggest alterations to the promotional material if we feel that it does not reflect the vision of Vicdeaf. 

The responsibility of approving or denying a logo request belongs to Vicdeaf.

* This includes the following branding:

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