Click on the categories below to find useful links to other organisations working with or for Deaf people:

Victorian Deaf Services & Organisations

Other State-based Deaf Services & Organisations

National Deaf Services & Organisations

International Deaf Services & Organisations

Sign Language Interpreter Services

Other Useful Links

Victorian D/deaf services

Able Australia (Formerly the Deafblind Association)
Better Hearing Australia
deafaccess Victoria
Deaf Arts Network (Arts Access Victoria)
Deaf Children Australia
Deaf Victoria
Department of Human Services (Victoria)

John Pierce Centre
Word of Mouth Technology
Deaf Sports and Recreation Victoria
Victorian Deaf Education Institute

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Other State D/deaf Services

ACT Deafness Resource Centre
Canberra Deaf Club
Canberra Deaf Kids
Deaf Society of New South Wales
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Deaf Services Queensland
Deaf CanDo
Tasdeaf - Tasmanian Deaf Society Inc Australia
WA Deaf Society Inc


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National D/deaf Services

Telephone and Video Relay Services


Australian Communication Exchange

National Relay Service
Fundraising Organisations  
Deafness Foundation
Peak Lobbying Bodies  
Deafness Forum of Australia

Deaf Australia (formerly the Australian Association of the Deaf - AAD)
Australian Federation of Deaf Societies 
Australian Deaf Blind Council
Deaf Sports Australia
Captioning Services  
Access Innovation Media
The Captioning Studio
Caption It
Media Access Australia
Captioned Movies Listings
Red Bee Media Australia
Information for Parents with Deaf Children  
Parent Council for Deaf Education
Aussie Deaf Kids 
Hear For You Youth Mentoring
Government Services  
Australian Communications and Media Authority 
Job Access
Australian Hearing

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International D/deaf services

Action on Hearing Loss (Formerly RNID (Royal National Institute for the Deaf) UK)
British Deaf Association
Canadian Association of the Deaf
Deaf Resource Library
Deaf Cultural Centre – Birmingham, UK
Deaf Culture Centre – Toronto, Canada
Irish Deaf Society

National Association of the Deaf (USA)
Royal Association for Deaf People (UK)
World Federation of the Deaf
World Recreation Association for Deaf People
Deaflympics (Formerly World Deaf Games)
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf

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Sign Language Interpreter Organisations

Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association (Victoria)
Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association National
National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters

Australian Institute of Translators and Interpreters

Diploma of Interpreting at RMIT

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Other Useful Links

Disability Organisations  
Department of Human Services (Disability Services)
DisabilityCare Australia

Divine Community for People with Disability
Office of the Public Advocate
Disability Services Commissioner
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity, Disability Discrimination  
Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission (Victoria)
Disabilility Discrimination Act
Disability Discrimination Legal Service (Vic)
GLBT Disability Support Services
Better Health Channel
Arts Access Victoria
Deaf TV
deafConnectED (formerly the Centre of Excellence for Deaf and hard of hearing students)
ACE Disability Network
Gallaudet University
Disability Standards in Education
Research Institutes  
Latrobe University National Institute of Deaf Studies and Sign Language
Macquarie University Sign Language LINGuistics Group
Griffith University
California State University – Northridge
National Technical Institute for the Deaf – Rochester Institute of Technology
Bristol University UK – Centre for Deaf Studies


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