Thanks to the support of the State Government, the Smoke Alarm Subsidy has been provided for Victorians who are profoundly deaf.

The Smoke Alarm Subsidy covers the cost of a visual and vibrating smoke alarm.

These alarms usually cost around $400 to the consumer, compared with a regular smoke alarm which costs around $20-$50.

The State of Victoria has provided the Smoke Alarm Subsidy Initiative with funds to cover the cost of these alarms with the profoundly deaf consumer only having to pay $50.

Please note:  You are now able to apply for more than one smoke alarm per household, where people who are Deaf and sleep in separate bedrooms, e.g. flat mates or family are living in the same house. Ages have been increased, people from 13 years of age and up can apply. 

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Smoke Alarm Subsidy please CLICK HERE.


pdf iconDownload and post an application form

Send your application form to:


Attention: Smoke Alarm Subsidy

Level 4, 340 Albert Street

East Melbourne VIC 3002

TTY: (03) 9473 1199

Ph: (03) 9473 1111

Fax: (03) 9473 1122

Please note: To receive a smoke alarm, you need to make a $50 co-payment. If it will be difficult for you to meet this cost, you can apply to have the co-payment fee waived but you will need to prove this by either:

  1. Holding a valid Health Care card

  2. Provide a letter of support from a Case Manager

  3. Supply other documents to support your application to waive the co-payment.


If you need more information about this subsidy or information about smoke alarms that can help Deaf people, please contact Vicdeaf using the Contact Us page.

If your smoke alarm was subsidised by this scheme and destroyed in the February 2009 bushfires, please contact Vicdeaf for a replacement free of charge.

pdfClick here to download the Eligibility Criteria

pdfClick here to download Frequently Asked Questions

pdfClick here to download an image of the Smoke Alarm Kit