Vicdeaf is dedicated to provide information to gain tools to make decisions and develop confidence in raising your children in a bilingual environment (Auslan/English).

Communities are made up of families; all kinds of families. A community that supports parents and cares for children is a stronger and better functioning community. It benefits both families and our society when raising children is supported at a community level.

Deaf related information

Auslan Stories
Let's Talk (a Vicdeaf resource)
John Pierce Centre - Family Support
Raising Children Network - Parents with a hearing impairment
Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI)

Booking interpreters (school/health/medical)

Interpreting and Translation Services
NABS - Book an Interpreter
Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne - Interpreter & NESB Services

International Deaf Parenting Resources

Deaf Parenting UK
Deaf Parents with Hearing Children
Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International - Deaf Parents with Hearing Children
Living with a Deaf Parent: Life Story
Deaf Parents of Hearing Children Resources (Archive Only)
Children of Deaf Adults
Parents of Deaf Children
Grumpy Old Deafies - Deaf Musings, usually from the UK
Coda Australia
Koda Australia
Deaf Linx
Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood - Deaf Parenting, the silent bond
Deaf Parents Mentoring Hearing Parents of Deaf Children
E-Michigan Deaf & Hard of Hearing People
Hearing Exchange
Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person
Signed Stories
Wellsphere - Deaf Parents
The ASL and Cochlear Implant Community
Classroom Interpreting

General Resources

ABC Radio National - Life Matters
Anglicare - Helping Parents
Australian Scholarships Group - For Parents and For Educators
Brotherhood of St Lawrence - Children and Families
Child, Family Community Australia
Child Development Institute - Child - Teen Health
Child Magazines - Child: The Real Guide for Parents
Children Protection Society - Working Together for Children
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - Homepage
Maternal and Child Health Services
Department of Human Services - Familes
Department of Human Services - People with a Disability
Helpmate to City of Fremantle & East Fremantle Parents
Information and Help for Parents
In the Driver's Seat: Understanding young adults' driving behavior
Kidspot - Parenting - Australia's online child care portal
Mother Inc - The Online Glossy Magazine for for Modern Mums
Parenting Ideas - Raising Exceptional Kids
The Age: Education
University of Melbourne - Disability Liasion
Victorian Government - Parent and Guardian Resources


Resources about bilingualism (raising kids with two languages)

Bilingual Options
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - Bilingual Programs
Multilingual Children's Association - FAQs
Raising Bilingual Children by Lia Timson
Raising Children Network - Bilingualism and raising bilingual children

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